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Oh Radish!

3 Jul

Are these the smallest radishes ever grown??
Maybe so!
My crop this year has been sad :( over crowding I think!
Although I just read that the leaves are edible so the whole lot is going in my juice in the morning!




little blooms v cujo

3 Jun

I think we have now had three consecutively warm sunny days in London and without wanting to jinx anything I’m loving the opportunity to sit outside!!!!

We occasionally have an unwanted visitor into our garden in the form of a large dog from a few doors down (affectionately named Cujo) and he likes to jump through/over my trellis fence and get lost and scared for a while before returning from where he came.

As he did this on saturday the fence has been propped up risking another unwanted visit so after work today I got out there and tried to fix it!

Once I did I moved the Honeysuckle to cover the section he jumps over to try and block his view slightly and re-arranged the garden to prevent having anything near the wall that he can use to jump down onto!

Once I did this I was able to sit back anf enjoy the new summer blooms!!!!!




Delicate Lily flower





darling buds

25 Apr

Due to a delayed spring, the garden plants have been a bit slow this year however it was a relief today so see some lovely new buds and flowers on my favourite plants!!!

From the Lilac through the Honeysuckle to the Raspberry, there is life yet in what were weather battered pot plants!

I just had to grab a few photos and share!!!!!







I just hope the lovely weather keeps up into May so I can introduce my chillies, tomatoes and peppers!!
Fingers crossed!!!

garden diary

29 Mar

I picked up the first batch of my paving today!

Got to go back for another 3 trips but think it will be great!

Need to re look at the basic plan as the flags are in small pieces meaning I’ll have to fill the gaps with something!
I’m thinking pebbles or gravel maybe??

Anyway, i put down a small section to give me an idea of how much more I need.

Thanks Elisabeth and freecycle!

I’m also picking up my sand and timber on Saturday!!


cutting back

5 Feb

I have been keeping a close eye recently on Chillimena (my chilli plant!) as she has been showing signs of re-growth! Very exciting for me as I grew her from seed. She produced a great crop last year and I hope she manages to do the same this year.

She was living outdoors until the winter months and since then she has just been sitting on my window sill. I really wasn’t sure if she would crop again this year but fingers crossed all is looking well! I am planning to keep her indoors for a few more months until the chance of frost has completely gone.

To give her a better chance of growing I have cut back her old branches to make sure that all the water and light give energy to the new sprouts!

My chocolate mint is also showing signs of re-growth! I had read that mint will take over any soil it is given and keep on growing. This didn’t really happen last year, even though I did get a good crop, the mint didn’t really take to the ground. That is not the case now! I think she has about 14 baby mint shoots in total!!

knitting vegetables

17 Jan

After reading Walterknitty’s guest post for us on growing cucumbers, the urge to plant this year’s veggie garden has arrived with a vengeance!!

Bit of a shame it is a tad too early (especially with this snow we are having), although Emmms did get a fantastic crop of strawberries from ones she planted in winter 08 so maybe not; however, to hopefully control the urge for a couple of weeks I may merge two of my passions and knit myself some root veg starting with this fantastic beetroot which was designed and knit by Norah Gaughan!

(image from Ravelry)

How great is this photo?!

(image from Ravelry)

tidy winter garden!

29 Nov

I finally managed to get out into the garden yesterday! What with all of the sewing and knitting and working I have been doing there never seems to be enough time however the longer I left it the bigger and more time consuming the job was becoming!

The ivy that had been taking over the tree at the end of the garden had it’s roots chopped a while ago so as well as the normal leaf fall of autum we also had all of the dead ivy to contend with. It is still out there but now in tidy piles ready to be picked up and bagged tomorrow!

The most exciting part was spotting the lovely cabbage that had survived the snail attack and the beginnings of the broccoli I thought would never show its face!

My Fennel is also beaming and should be ready to harvest very soon!!!

I also managed to rescue my chocolate mint which was not very impressed with the lack of attention it was recieving, it is now in a lovely pot of its own on the kitchen window sill ready for the love I am going to bestow upon it. Joining it on the sill are the parsley, basil, coriander and of course Chlliomena.

Unfortunatly due to the high leaf fall my squash and pumpkin plants were smothered so had to be pulled out but the strawberry plants survived quite nicely and have been re-potted ready to be covered to protect them for the winter months. The bed they used to fill is once again covered with the chicken wire I made all those months ago. I left the leaves on the soil as I read that it gives the soil good protection from the frost.

It is looking a lot better now and I am off to pick the cabbage to enjoy with my sunday dinner!