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little dungaree shorts – great british sewing bee

30 Jun

I’ve decided I really want to improve my sewing and finishing skills so not only have I enrolled on a online sewing course but I also bought the book ‘Great British Sewing Bee-Sew Your Own Wardrobe‘ (I’m not a reviewer at all so I’ve linked to someone that has reviewed it pretty well!)

My local craft pop up shop Make/Do was selling it with a discount so I thought I’d give it  a try.

It has some really cute patterns and 5 whole pattern sheets!

I decided to start with a cute little pair of baby dungaree shorts for my niece and they turned out pretty well indeed!

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

I just made two alterations to the pattern: the duck instead of the stars and instead of working buttons on the sides I added press studs for ease.

I just hope they fit!

cute baby goodies!!!

31 Jan

Well now that the baby is here I have all the excuses to sew up some adorable baby accessories!!!
So today I started making some bits to send up to my sister. If she likes them and they come in handy I might make some more for loummsmakesmore!!!!

I decided to start with re useable baby wipes in a mixture of different fabrics so she can see which works the best

I did cotton lined with cotton,

Cotton lined with a fleecy fabric

And fleecy fabric lined with a soft corduroy

I also made up a set of wipes

Burp bib,


And drawstring bag!!

Tomorrow I am on to the disposable wipes cover!!!

I really hope she likes them!!!

making mag, it works!!

20 Jan

At the end of last year I set up a subscription to Making magazine. I heard about it in another mag I get and I was very excited about the whole concept.
A magazine not just designed to aim at one craft but a huge heap of projects in all styles split into 6 sections, wardrobe, garden, bathroom, living, kitchen, and techniques, using crafts like sewing, knitting, painting, woodwork, and cooking. Not only that but packed with articles and stories of crafters and their love of what they do!!

When the first one arrived I just ripped it out of it’s wrapper with delight, could wait to see what I could spy, to begin, an article about craft, perfect. Then a Q and A with a talented paper craft seamstress, and a tutorial and history piece about sewing machines but to be honest I was a little dissapointed with the projects.

I flipped through the pages and yes there was a couple of good ideas, like how to cover a fabric chair seat and how to make different sorts of pickles but nothing really jumped out at me.

I put it away thinking ‘ok it’s just the first one, the second issue will probably be better, give them a chance you perfectionist’ so I waited for issue two.

Again a few good things and a couple of great articles about patchwork and quilting that will come in very handy with a new loumms makes more project,  but its not quite there yet..

Skip forward to issue 3 and my god it was amazing!! Not just one good project but 6!!! They have done it, and to get it this good in 3 issues is a feat to admire!!

So issue 3 of making magazine, articles about lighting designers followed by a turtorial on how to re cover a lampshade of your own (this will come in very handy with a secret project I am working on!) a ‘what to buy’ guide on hand mixers

 and the projects ……..

Renovating and customising a lampshade!!

The cutest little sleeveless shirt

Delicious dreamy truffles recipe (which I plan to make at the weekend!)

A guide on how to create your own blend of bath salts


A lovely mirror for the garden

and my absolute favourite, how to build your own compost bin!!!

I had better get a move on with these projects cos if the rest of the issues are any where near as good as this one Ill be  all ‘projected’ out for the rest of the year!!!!!

Thanks Making mag!!!

etsy sunday??

6 Jul

Is it Sunday? No, it’s Tuesday! Oh well, every day feels like a Sunday at the moment so I am gonna continue!

For my birthday this year I was given the greatest present ever, a vintage wooden sewing box!! It was a gift from my great friends (with very good taste and amazing skill for vintage shopping) Emma and Alan.

They carried it all the way from Brighton for me, on the train of course, and I just love it. It also doubled as a shopping basket, too, as after they bought it they went shopping and carried their groceries home in it!

It has invoked so many memories for me, and for those who I have shown it too, of grandmothers and great aunts sewing away, and has brought about conversations (possibly drunken ones…) about bringing relatives back from the dead to pick their brains about sewing techniques and to show them that their skill have lived on!

Unfortunately, all of my sewing stuff is at the studio, so for the moment it is sitting empty; however, soon enough it will be full of lovely sewing notions, thread and buttons!!!

I decided to have a look on Etsy to see what other sewing storage they have and from the very wide range these are my favourites:

French Vintage Wooden Sewing Box

wooden sewing box french vintage

introducing purple percy!

17 May

Last week was a pretty big week for me, not only did I take my first driving test, but I passed and also bought my first car!!!

I was in shock for a few days I think, but now I just can’t believe that I have left it this long to learn to drive! It was never a huge thing for me before, but at the beginning of the year I decided that it was now or never so off I went on my lessons.

Most people my age by now would have about 10 years driving experience, so to help me catch up I went straight out looking for a little car. I knew I wanted a small engine and I knew it needed to be cheap so when I spotted a little purple Metro in the garage I fell in love immediately!

Purple Percy is a 1996 Rover Metro and he drives perfectly, no power steering so I have a lot of people laughing at me when I am trying to get in and out of parking spaces, but that’s all part of the fun right???

Anyway, after getting Purple Percy home, I knew he needed some little loving touches, so off I went to the fabric shop and picked up some fantastic purple fabrics!

I bought some gingham, polka dots and flowers all in the best purple ever, and got to sewing. First I made some pillows and stuffed them with hollowfill fibre, them made the cushion covers to go with them! The lavender sachet is just a small bag with a button and some yarn attached stuffed with lavender and rosemary!

Now Percy has two cushions for the back seat and also a hanging lavender sachet to keep him smelling sweet!

sewing up for summer!

6 May

One of the best things about having a sewing machine and some basic (and I do mean basic!) sewing skills is once the weather gets warmer you can start sewing up those fab summer dresses and shorts!!


Sabrina Dress


Ruby Shorts


I had a dabble in this practice last year with great success, I made the dress I wore for my birthday, Fatima, my woolen sleveless shift dress for those smart summer evenings, and I put together a yellow cotton embroidered (or will be once it is done!) picnic dress.

Picnic Dress

Birthday Dress

This desire to sew summer dresses began when I spied the fantastic Sabrina dress on Burda Style last year. I did start making Sabrina but unfortunatly made it too small to fit, however from it I learnt to design my own patterns, a skill I put to the test on the other dresses I made.

So when I opened my inbox yesterday and the new Burda Stlye Newsletter was waiting for me with Sabrina on the front page the desire returned!

This year I am not only going to finish the picnic dress, but am also going to make a Sabrina that fits, a pair of the Ruby Shorts and the Kasia Skirt!!!! A lot to take on a agree but once the summer months come along and the days get longer Ill have to have something to do with all of that extra time!!!

wheatbag tuitorial

8 Mar

Here is the tuitorial to go with the cosy knitted handwarmer muffs.


Note: You want to make sure you have enough fabric to make 4 pieces, it should take a piece approx. 9 inches by 11 inches.

1: Cut out or copy the template.

2: Take your piece of fabric fold it, right sides facing in, halve lengthways and iron.

3: Open it back up and fold both the top and the bottom edges to meet the middle iron line.

4: Place the template on to the fabric so the ‘half’ line sits on the fold of your fabric.

5: Pin into place and cut.

6: Repeat the steps 4 and 5 above 4 times in total. You will now have 4 identical pieces that will create 2 wheat bags.

7: Iron the pieces flat and place two together, with right sides facing, pin into place.


1: Sew around the edge of the fabric as instructed in the diagram, leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

2: Cut the excess fabric away.


1: Turn each piece the right side out.

2: Using a piece of paper, make a funnel.

3: Insert the funnel into the hole you left at the top of the bag.

4: Pour the wheat into the bag through the funnel until the bag is just over half full.


1: Fold down the top (open) edge of the bag neatly, sew closed  and secure using the overlocking stitch. To make the bag more secure you can go over it again with a plain stitch.

Note: Please take care to read the heating instructions for the wheat bags.

Heating instructions:

Pop in the microwave with a cup of water for a maximum of 2.5 minutes, and NEVER heat unattended!

1: Heat at intervals of 30 seconds and never exceed heating time stated.

2: Always put cup of water in the microwave when heating.

3: If signs of burning, cooking or scorching appear, leave to cool, discard and replace with a new one.

4: Always remove from the pocket before heating.

5: Check the temperature before using.

6: Allow to fully cool before re-heating or storing.