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little blooms v cujo

3 Jun

I think we have now had three consecutively warm sunny days in London and without wanting to jinx anything I’m loving the opportunity to sit outside!!!!

We occasionally have an unwanted visitor into our garden in the form of a large dog from a few doors down (affectionately named Cujo) and he likes to jump through/over my trellis fence and get lost and scared for a while before returning from where he came.

As he did this on saturday the fence has been propped up risking another unwanted visit so after work today I got out there and tried to fix it!

Once I did I moved the Honeysuckle to cover the section he jumps over to try and block his view slightly and re-arranged the garden to prevent having anything near the wall that he can use to jump down onto!

Once I did this I was able to sit back anf enjoy the new summer blooms!!!!!




Delicate Lily flower





etsy sunday (on saturday and with folksy): sunshine???

6 Mar

Right that’s it. The sun has been out in London now for a whole five days so I am officially declaring it summer.

Yep, I know I might sound insane, but we didn’t get one last year so the longer I can make myself believe it is summer (i.e. sunny outside, heating on inside), it is! OK, I won’t be able to wear shorts, or sunbathe but in my head I can believe, ‘cos when the sun is out and the birds are chirping I feel better, and I want to be creative or get into the garden or spend an afternoon in the pub. For every day that the sun is out, I am declaring it summer!

To keep myself in this sunny mood I have been searching Etsy and Folksy for sunshine related goodies!

It might still be a bit chilly for a picnic or BBQ, although picnic-fan Emmms may disagree. Here are a few items to whet the appetite!

The ‘Lovers Picnic Rug’ from Rescued and Revived is made from recycled vintage wool blanket and sends a great message.

These lemon napkins from Irene Design are so bright and summery there is no escaping the cheery feeling!

Pimms and Fruit just has to taste even better in this handpainted goblet from The Rustic Home.

SUNFLOWER goblets SET OF 2 dishwasher safe 16oz
Decorate you picnic/BBQ area with this ‘Mini Bunting’ DIY bunting kit from Sew Recycled.
Keep your hands busy with a great vintage cross stitch pattern, ‘Pin-up girl grilling on the BBQ’, from Bella Stitchery.
I have just fallen in love with this ‘Hello Summer – Tomato Clock’ from Kuzniart.

Make sure that your summer dress stays clean with this vintage-inspired BBQ apron from Boojiboo, better still wear it as a dress over your jeans and bikini!!!

Well, happy summer everyone and long may it last!!!!!