Changing a lock

7 Jan

If you need to change a main door lock from inside the house then look no further, and certainly don’t call a locksmith! This five-step guide to lock changing will save you the extortionate locksmith charges and will give you a chunk of DIY confidence!

Lock Changing

Tools: Screw driver, new lock, metal saw/pliers (or the ability to get back to the shop you bought the lock)

Step 1

Using your screw driver, remove the old lock casing from the inside of the house. You only need to remove the section attached to the door. Keep these screws in a safe place as your new lock kit will not contain these!

Step 2

Remove the screws from the lock and take the cylinder from the outside of the  door.

You should be left with a circular hole in the door and a lock that looks something like this:


Step 3

Take your new lock kit which should look something like this:


Make sure that the piece of metal sticking out of the end of the old and new locks are the same length. If they are then that’s great, if not then you need to make them the same size or the lock won’t fit. So using a metal saw or strong pliers and the ridge guides on the new lock, cut to size. If you don’t have a saw or pliers, take the lock back to the shop you bought it and they should be able to cut it for you.

Step 4

From the outside of the door, insert the new lock and the circular frame into the hole.


Now from the inside of the door screw the lock securely onto the door using the piece of metal and screws shown on the far right of the picture in Step 3. Take care that the metal bar is in the horizontal position not vertical and that the hole you will eventually put your new keys in is correct.

Step 5

Now replace the door casing and screw back into place.


You now have a new lock on your door!


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